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Eye of The Hurricane BBS

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Eye of The Hurricane BBS
Formed back in the days of dial up madness as BudMan’s Cave BBS on TriBBS. Due to the Hurricane Season of 2004 that hit Florida severely and left my system powerless for near a month, I decided that Eye of the Hurricane BBS was foremost fitting for my
domain after I moved to pinellas county, FL: "The original Destination for the strongest hurricane (Charlie)" and changed to Synchronet at the same time in able to modernize my BBS.

Today, Eye of the Hurricane BBS is a network share that includes such links: (GatorNet Amateur Network Home Page) (It’s the X-Net and The X-Leagues Home page)

All of which are operated and maintained myself.


Eye of the Hurricane BBS hosts over 100 doors and has nearly 20 message groups (including FIDO) for a BBS fixation!



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