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Omicron Theta BBS

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Started as a small 1200 baud only part time BBS on a Commodore 64 about 20 years ago in Meridian, Mississippi, Omicron Theta has grown up and changed faces over the years and is now a multinode, Internet-only BBS running Wildcat! 7.0 Beta at ¬†Home to Flying Penguin Software, Omicron Theta is a development and test site for all of the sysop’s, Robert Wolfe, wcBASIC/wcCODE applications. ¬†Omicron Theta is also home to the Wildcat! version of Sean Dennis’ ATTITUDE ASSESSMENT BBS door.

One of the things that make this BBS stand out is that it is a purely message-oriented BBS that has been modified right down to the core operations of the BBS itself and is still under constant modification as the Sysop’s time permits.

Users of other Wildcat! BBSes will appreciate the fact that the entire user interface and menuing system is written completely in wcBASIC — Wildcat!’s own scripting language.

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