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Toast House BBS

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Toast House BBS was a one-node Wildcat! system that operated in St. Louis, Missouri from September 23, 1992 until November 1, 1998. It was a member of the Fidonet (1:100/560), Toadnet and Intellec echo networks. The BBS sysop, Toastmaster, also known as Lawrence Gordon, was a proficient PowerBASIC programmer and authored a number of bbs utilities for Wildcat! and TriBBS bulletin board software platforms. He also moderated the PowerBASIC echo on Fidonet. Toast House was known for its unique experimental bbs within a bbs, running a complete TriBBS Fidonet node bulletin board off Wildcat! as a door to support his TriBBS program development. The TriBBS system was known as Roast House BBS and operated as Fidonet 1:100/561. Lawrence Gordon also worked with programmer Harvey Parisien to implement FrontDoor compatibility to Harvey’s Ppoint Fidonet point software. Toast House’s local user forum, The Zodiac Lounge, became very popular in the St. Louis BBS community and was echoed to a number of other local bulletin boards. In the mid 1990s, with the introduction of Windows 95, the popularity of local dialup bulletin boards began to wane as people began to discover the world wide web on internet. By 1998, it was evident that the days of dialup were numbered, and so, sadly, on November 1, 1998, after sending it last packet of echo mail, Toast House closed the doors at 12:03 a.m. Toast House continued as a mail only system for the next month and then completely shut down on November 30, 1998. On September 23, 2002, as a commemorative gesture to the great days of the bbs, Toast House went online again for 24 hours. No one called. Toast House’s permanent home is now in a series of Iomega Zip Disks. Toast House Forever… or until my backup becomes totally obsolete and unusable, whichever comes first. Lawrence Gordon -> Toastmaster <-


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