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Help Instructions

Lower right corner to register and use wiki



First thing you need to do is sign up on the site to be able to add your wiki here, you can register in the lower right corner of the page. After you register you then move on to the next step of starting your own wiki.







After you fill in your desired use name and email address make sure also to add the captcha then click register. Make sure and use a valid email address, one reason being if I or someone else needs to get in touch with you and also if you loose your user name or password your going to need a valid  email address to get a user name reminder or to reset your password.



logged In



This will be the first page you will see right after you log into the site, make sure and fill in any information you feel you need to better explain yourself and your wiki to others. Now that your done with that scroll over the wiki on the top left and click add wiki.






Here you can start editing your wiki, start by adding information about your self or site so that people will be attracted to your site and decide to visit it. Make sure and jazz it up a bit with screen captures of your topic of interest or Internet, telent site. add as many pictures or art work as you like.






 After your done with adding all of your topic content for your wiki and pictures. Before you save it as a draft or publish it make sure and choose a wiki category subject that will point to your wiki and interests. 

 Important if you do not choose a category your wiki will not show up for other people on the Internet to see!






When your done publishing your wiki you should then see your wiki home page for others to learn more about you or your site! I hope you learn to enjoy sharing your wiki site as I do, have any questions feel free to write me.


Please the one thing I do not allow is offensive, demeaning language or nudity on this site. I retain every right to delete anything I feel is offensive or demeaning in word or picture. Also I will delete any user and wiki that is not started within 2 day!

Some very simple rules to start with:

(1) If you do NOT start your WIKI within 2 days your account will be DELETED on or before the 2 days is up.

(2) You must use a user name to log into your account, but you must also type in, leave your real name after you sign up at your personal information screen. Also I want to see some biographical information on you and what your here for to use the free WIKI the only person that will see your real name is you and myself. Or your account will be DELETED asap!

(3) If you do not start your WIKI the day you sign up here your account will be deleted ASAP! Sorry to sound rude but you would not believe how many people sign up and then do nothing but waste my time and their time!

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