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Welcome to BBS Information

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013
Welcome to BBS Information

Bulletin Board System, this site is dedicated to bulletin board system history.  To all the software developers/programmers that through this short time have made amazing things in bulletin board system software, a add-on to a bulletin board system or door games that run on a bulletin board system. Also don’t forget the ANSI Artist, hardware guy and the Sysop that spent his or her time running a bulletin board system for a group of people to log onto everyday and enjoy.

This site is not only to enjoy past developers/programmers but also the people that bought and used the software no matter if it was bought and registered or freeware, shareware. Through time the bulletin board system has had great people doing amazing things with bulletin board system software.

We want to share these things with you no matter if it was past topics of bulletin board system history or people that did the coding.  And the many people that used the software that was available then and that is still available and being worked on today.

Feel free to add you part in the bulletin board system information history by joining our wiki. You will have your own page and be able to share all your information, pictures, files and more. You may also want to use our sister site at: BBS Xchange it’s also a free service.

So join us in celebrating the past, present & future of the bulletin board system and all the people that have played a part in its great invention.

Feel free to register at the bottom right side and then add your BBS related wiki to the site!  

Make sure and read the instructions page first before signing up! 

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