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Featured bulletin board system

Monday, December 1st, 2014

The featured site today is: Black Flag BBS stop by and tell Hawk Hubbard – aka Captain Hood we said hello!

The full title is Piranha- Under the Black Flag also known as The Black Flag or Black Flag. A “Pirate Theme” makeover of the original ACiD Board : Piranha

The Black Flag BBS

Piranha has been running since 1995 as an ACiD Art showcase

The Black Flag BBS

The Black Flag BBS

Black Flag an art based board with a great local message bases
Message Networks: Agoranet Zeronet Fidonet Scinet
with Local Groups that have a tilt on the “Golden Age of Piracy

Staff: Captain Hood / ungenannt – aka Lord Jazz / RaD Man / Fever

Online Door Games

Galaxy 5 – Legend of the Red Dragon – Usurper – Jedi Knights II/NW –  Planets T.E.O.S – L.O.R.D B.R.E. – Sim-BBS – Zombie Slots – Falcon’s Eye – Pimpwars  – Global War Trade Wars GOLD – Operation OK II – Smugglers Cove – Darkness  – Exitilus

Experiene the only official ACiD BBS still standing, telnet to today!
(Rad Man – Acid Founder) There is a RIPscrip version of the board running on PCBoard at

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